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encouraging gratuitous arashi comment fic
24 Oct 2010 - Wk 08: herp derp derp
dc; and you'd never guess


I had too much to drink last night, so fictional Arashi should too, y/y?? God guys we're good at keeping this thing going, oh yeah.
Ohno: arafes chibi form
w...we're still alive! XP


Anniversary dinner/concert/date/make-out/orgy? WHATEVER, JUST WRITE! heart1
dc; and you'd never guess
♪ Never knew feel like this before ♪

Engrish courtesy of Matsumoto Jun, Come back to me lyrics, 2010. Feel free to take from just the quote or the whole song, whatever.

(Last week was a huge mess of crazy and awesome, but I think I've got it all organised. Please tell me if I've missed anything!)
24 Aug 2010 - Wk05: girls included
竹内結子 → all the good things

not limited to girls on the picture, interpret anyway you want~!
commence comment ficathon!
dc; and you'd never guess
Hey guys, the master list is all up to date again! Be sure to comment if you like something and make everyone feel looooved ;D Also, remember you can always write for old prompts, because I will be constantly updating this.

Today's is much more vague, so take it to mean anything you want (physical, emotional, metaphorical, etc)! Don't worry if you write something that doesn't seem to relate at all, it's being inspired to write in general that matters c:

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